Maryse Ceha


Maryse Ceha has been painting ever since she was little. As a child she diverged from the beaten track of acrylic and oil paint by experimenting with sand and gravel on a blank canvas. Inspired by the pureness of nature and different cultures, her work was raw and imperfect, maybe even never finished.

As an autodidact artist and driven by a strong desire to create Maryse started painting full-time in may ’21 in her atelier in the heart of Amsterdam.

“I observe and feel and that is how I paint. I choose the colors and materials in advance and then follow my intuition. The canvas guides me while the shape is still in the unknown. Sometimes I want to find a certain stillness in my paintings and other times I want to create a cry for attention”

Maryse likes to experiment with colors, tones and texture. Inspired by the endlessness of the horizon and the elements of  nature like the reflections in water and the changing organic textures of sand.
'"By the materials I use I create an illusion of a polished and geometric canvas, but by getting closer you will use yourself in de brushstrokes the ‘imperfect’ handcraft and the reflection of your own silhouette.’'


‘I have the ocean, my calming place. I find comfort in the rhythm of the waves.

Smelling that salty and briny sea breeze, seeing its vastness as our eyes scan the horizon to try to comprehend its end, and feeling so small in the middle of its mighty endlessness: these are emotions only the horizon of the ocean can stir.

I painted 200 of these horizons on paper with inks and captured it in epoxy resin. At first sight it might be the opposite of what you know of my work, but when you look more closely you might recognise a horizon you’ve seen before.'
by Twntytwo