Maryse Ceha


Maryse Ceha work arises out of and in the making. Maryse’s work revolves around the pleasure of making, the wealth of possibilities inherent in the materials she uses and the power of the visual stories that reveal themselves to Maryse in the process of making.
She is able to mine an abundantly rich source of possibilities, meaning and pictorial alternatives, while surfing on that wave of creative energy. Her work expresses the joy of making discoveries in the making process. By emerging herself in making art she discovers and translates a wealth of content.

Nevertheless, her work is the result of a total commitment to visualizing and thereby researching her world. Furthermore, there is a constant in everything she makes. Maryse has a fascination with water. For the beauty of the sea, for the light that slides in and over the water, for the reflections as the water reflects the light back and the silence when you are underwater. Water that gives life, that distorts coastlines, that always precedes the horizon.
She describes this as follows:
“As human beings we primarily inhabit the land. the water is an unknown world and I think that attracts me, the mystery and the speculations about what lies beneath the surface.  
The ocean, the water, is my calming place. I find comfort in the rhythm of the waves. seeing its vastness as our eyes scan the horizon. trying to comprehend its endlessness and feeling so small in the middle of its mighty endlessness.  
In the deep, sound dissolves into silence, leaving only the whispers of my own thoughts. I see the deep blue spreading all around me. this is the realms of sublime nothingness, where the boundaries between reality and dreams blur.  
There is something about getting so far from the world we know, without the distraction. My mind is free.” 

Maryse does not make illustrations. Her work isn’t a pictorial renderingof what she has seen. She is looking for abstract values. In this regard, sheis aligned with the traditions of artists such as Yves Klein and Mark Rothkowho introduced color as subjects in their own right and with the colorfield painterswho explored the power of color fields as new pictorial spaces. Maryse alsosucceeds in her work in conveying feelings of stillness, of awe at the mysteryof the universal.
by Twntytwo